Sunday, 17 March 2013

Memories are for keeps

Memory keeping, what is it? How do you do it?

Me, I do everything haha...I mean everything. Take photos, blog, use Facebook, scrapbook, project life, Instagram, Pinterest the whole 9 yards. I use all these to document, inspire and to help me capture my families legacy. Why? Because I firmly believe everything we do is worth remembering, not to mention everything my children do. So yes I am one of those mums who has a camera in her back all the time, I do keep every piece of school work and i do keep every birthday card. Not to mention cinema tickets, receipts, birthday lists and much more, this is me. I love it and will continue to document everything for my own selfish love of memories.

On that note heres a new picture I have just ordered for Ashaaras room its huge 40x30 inches! I love it and so does she :-)

I am now off to get ready for a cake smash in the morning followed by a mother and daughter shoot! 
back soon 
kel x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

For the love of colour - portrait photo sessions

Having two girls who don't mind standing in front of the camera and modelling all my newest prop additions is kinda fun! Nevaeh, the youngest adores the camera ( Yes I am to blame) Ashaara is a little more reserved but boy oh boy does the camera like her.

The weather was pants so I jumped at the chance to have them model tis adorable tutu and headband for me!

Loving my paper backdrops at the moment for a pop of colour, and who doesn't love a bit of colour! I thought the girls rocked the outfit!

Hugs and stuff


little nero 2 weeks young

Hi blog land, I had the pleasure of meeting little Nero this week along with his parents Chloe and Danny who were almost as adorable as Nero ;-) Perfect baby, perfect session.

Chloe had an unusual birth and laboured at home with Nero being delivered by his dad the midwife! What a story to document and tell him !!

hugs and stuff


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kaydee mini session | Blackpool photographer

Kaydee was such a happy little girl, she made the whole session fill with laughter at her little facial expressions!

She has such beautiful eyes! Thanks for letting me take your picture Kaydee you are a very beautiful little girl!

Monday, 19 November 2012

You never get a first back...

Firsts, do we take them for granted??

First birthday cake smash, this session was so much fun! As the title stats, you will never get your child's first back, so savour every first! Capture every first and document every first because it is a glorious moment on your child's path.